Auto DJ Streaming

Auto-DJ Streaming

stream24's Auto-DJ solution enables a round-the-clock operation of your web radio without to having broadcast (permanently) by yourself. There are two operation modes: Master and Fallback.

Auto DJ is best explained with the term "server-based playlist":

  • Server-based, because the stream is generated and fed directly on the server.
  • Playlist stands for playback / playing order of songs (your MP3 files).

Here's how it works:

1. Upload MP3s using FTP.

2. With the help of the playlist generator, easily create a playlist in the browser using drag and drop.

3. Select a playlist and start Auto-DJ.

Auto DJ master mode

In master mode, the Auto-DJ feeds the regular live stream directly. Frequent changes between Auto-DJ and Live-DJ (moderation) are not planned. In Master mode, the Auto-DJ must be stopped before a Live-DJ can take over the stream operation.

Auto DJ fallback mode

Frequent changes between Live & Auto DJ.

In fallback mode, the Auto-DJ is streaming permanently to a fallback mountpoint. The main mountpoint remains free for the real live feeds of the alternating Live-DJs.

If no Live-DJ is streaming, listeners hear the Auto-DJ stream. As soon as a Live-DJ takes over, the listeners are automatically redirected to the Live-DJ stream and vice versa from the Live-DJ stream to the Auto-DJ program when the live source switches off again.

The switch is for the listeners without disconnection if Live-DJ and Auto-DJ stream both with exactly the same bitrate and sample rate, e.g. MP3 128/44 stereo.

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