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Web radio support

Webradio player

The stream24 web player combines newest HTML5 technologies with Flash fallback and jQuery in one player and allows you to receive MP3 radio live streams in browser on

  • Desktop-PCs, laptops (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

without installation of any additional programs or apps before.

The "responsive web design" implementation allows an adjusted display on small smartphone screens (in portrait format).

The individual player code for your radio hosted by us you will find in the customer area.

stream24 Webradio Player

The META-data (broadcast, title) are read directly from the stream server and are updated automatically cyclically. The web player is accessible as pop-up window over the Web radio tune-in box, but you can link directly to it as well.

The web player plays MP3 live streams. AAC and aacPlus v2 (HE-AAC) streams are not fully supported yet across all system platforms.

Note: On Android devices loading of the radio stream (buffering) can take more than 10 seconds.

Web player for external web radio stations

Player code for "Non-customers"

Enter your stream server data and then copy the generated web player code for your radio. The required parameters are explained below.

Parameter Select / Enter Examples
Server type          
Server address rs5.stream24.org
Server port 8000
Mountpoint /stream, /live.mp3
don't forget: ' / '
Stream-ID 1
Player language      


Default hyperlink to web player.

Player-URL Popup   

We recommend to show web player as popup window (484 x 254).


Example: http://www.your-homepage.com/player.html, code for player.html:

Explanation of the web player URL parameters

Demo-URL (Shoutcast):

Demo-URL (Icecast):

Parameter URL variable Possible values Notes / examples
Stream server servertyp SC, IC, SC2 SC: Shoutcast Server (v1)
IC: Icecast Server1
SC2: Shoutcast2 Server2
Server address server Hostname / IP rs5.stream24.org
Server port port 80..65535 &port=8000
Mountpoint mp /xyz relevant for Icecast and Shoutcast2
e.g. &mp=/stream
Stream-ID streamid 1 relevant for Shoutcast2
Language lang en, de, es, nl, fr Player texts, tooltips
Player start autostart 0, 1 optionally, default value: 0,
i.e. click to play
Skin color skin 0, 1..8 0: green, 1: light blue, 2: orange, 3: red, 4: dark blue, 5: purple, 6: pink, 7: gray, 8: black
Cut station name cut 0..40 optionally, default value: 0
Number of characters that should be cut off at the beginning of the auto-detected radio name (ONAIR line).
Rename station station XYZ optionally, manually setting of station name to be displayed in the player (ONAIR line).
e.g. &station=Radio Sunshine

1 The correct recognition of the stream status and META data on external Icecast servers requires that the mountpoint is non hidden (configuration: <hidden>0</hidden>). The file status.xsl must be available inside the "web"-directory as well.

2 The automatic detection of public META data of foreign Shoutcast2 servers requires server version "2.4" or higher.

Please note: On Android devices loading of the radio livestream (buffering) can take more than 10 seconds.