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Web radio support

Mensajes del sistema y errores

(Activación de la cuenta, inicio de sesión, control del servidor, funciones de control remoto, etc.)

Todos los mensajes relevantes de la plataforma online comienzan con un número de índice. Puedes consultar aquí el significado y la posible causa de estos mensajes.

#1 - Customer no. and/or password are not correct!

There is no account for these login data or the customer no. and/or the password are not correct. If you have misplaced your access data, please follow the "Forgot login data" link.

#2 - Access to this page is only possible after login!

You have tried to access a site which requires authentication. To enter the requested site, please log in first.

#3 - You have no access authorization to this page!

You have tried to enter a protected page for which you have no authorization.

#4 - Session timeout - Please login anew!

For safety reasons your session will automatically be closed after a two hour residence time at the latest. In this case you will have to log in anew.

#5 - IP address is invalid for current session - Please log in anew!

For safety reasons, the corresponding IP of each client will be saved for the duration of the session, in addition to each generated session-ID. If the session-ID does not comply with the IP, another login is required.

#6 - Account is not activated yet!

You have already registered but have not yet activated your account. Therefore please retrieve the activation link which you received by email after your registration.

#7 - URL-Syntax is not correct - Please verify the command line!

The URL command line for remote control is not correct. Please check if all required parameters (id, remote pass and action) have been entered and initialized according to our requirements.

#8 - The remote control functions are not approved!

In order to use of this function you have to set the parameter "Remote control functions" in the customer area under server configuration to "activated".

#9 - IDs and/or remote password incorrect!

The system couldn't find any data for the ID indicated or for the remote password in the data base. Please verify the URL command line and the assignment for the wild-cards $kd_id and $remotepass on top of the PHP-script.

Maybe you have changed the remote password in the customer area and only forgot to adapt it accordingly elsewhere as well.

#10 - N/A

No more in use.

#11 - Streamserver is disabled!

The reason for this error message which appears when trying to switch-on the stream server can be seen on the message board and/or in the email received.

Main reason: Your streaming credit has been exhausted. The current settlement - or test period has expired but your streaming account hasn't been charged (again) in time. The stream server will only be available again after settlement of the invoice received.

#12 - Streamserver is blocked!

You will be informed by email about the reason for this message. It will be registered on the message board in the form of a short entry as well.

#13 - Switch-on/-off of the stream server failed - Please try again!

The streamserver doesn't react to the instructions ON or OFF and consequently doesn't change its status. Possible reasons:

  • often: configuration hasn't been finished; the server passwords are missing
  • seldom: transmission of the order to the destination server has failed

If this error message appears repeatedly, please contact our support.

#14 - The configuration transfer has failed. Repeat procedure!

The new configuration will at first be read from the database and written into a file. Afterwards this configuration file will be transferred from the platform (main server) to the destination server (stream server).

During this procedure it might happen that not all consecutive processes will be acknowledged positively by the system. In this case the "Save" transaction has to be repeated.

If this error message appears repeatedly, please contact our support.

#15 - Access to the customer area is only possible over the login page!

Login to the customer area is to be made over the login page in principle.